Live in TRUTH

It is a striking congruency when one is aligned with divinity that all seems to fall into perfection and allowing the plasmic pristine waters of divinity to wash away the illness and trickery of false fleeting pleasures. I am the living library, on a high learning curve. I am relearning rethinking and sustaining the evolutionary Truth that is unwavering within me deep within. I have visited and am very familiar with the Akashic Registry, located in the 7th mental sphere of the 5th D. higher self where the record of all life programs, thoughts and adventures of various different entities. There is the book of Self and the book of Nature, also known as the book of clear records or the Mother of the Book. Some research i am delving into again. Grateful to release lower level beings grateful for my inner intuitive life force. Excited to be re energizing my self with my spheres like the planet with its atmos sphere. I ask you to explore deeply explore your beliefs that are compulsions. Stop lying to yourself and ask yourself for the Truth the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so help you god. You have all the answers and ask the God of your heart to clear any entities from you that plague you into falsehood and sketching you away from the True path. If it doesn't feel right honor your inner knowing. Live in Light and be true to yourself.

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