Inner Child aka the saboteur.

When ignored or left alone to long the inner child becomes unruly and can grow out of the closet you once locked it in... unknowingly of course.

All that is happening is the inner child is knocking and getting your attention by self sabotage, hiccups, mishaps, disagreements, so you will finally pay attention to the thing you could not heal as a child due to lack of experience or cognitive maturity and now you have evolved enough and gained greater perspective to revisit a scenario you really couldn't handle in your early childhood years. Everyone deserves a second chance RIGHT? Usually during conception to seven years old and then the layering blueprint above that and inter woven within, is the 7 to 14 years of age.

So we get to revisit what we were not cognitively mature enough to handle when we were a young child.

Now being the adult we get to heal up and move forward. Those are the lessons we came here to learn and agreed to on some level.

The inner child really wants to be acknowledged and free and play.

Leaving things unexpressed or pent up can cause major issues so don't delay, journal, color , have a water play date and release those emotions and anything grinding or sand paper ish get to the bottom of that too.

We are incredible creators we will re-create a scenario over and over again and again until we get to express what we were not able to as children.

Life isn't beating you down, its your inner child saying i get to express and be in the flow and keeping everything on top of the table and up front we must take our new learned behaviors and revisit our inner child also known in my experience as Shadow Work. Its easy it will show up like magic in your life and you can calmly with this new information say to yourself...... OH i got this, and respond with emotional neutrality and smile that you are one step closer to playing in the game of life with ease. Practice, practice!!

Love and Light this is Heather Renee @ New Age Talks

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