Earth Star Chakra

Everyone wants to manifest NOW! I say go for it! This one little tid bit may assist with the process no doubt. The Long forgotten Earth Star Chakra. I accidentally stumbled upon my own one day in meditation. Then asked my guardians to please teach me about this long forgotten anomaly.

Then the amazing book came my way by Cyndi Dale called "Chakra Healing". Tons of info for those not easily distracted.

The Earth Star Chakra correlates to our foundation, within every day living. In connection with your levels of vitality and energy. The Earth Star anchors into the planet affecting the physicality and is located approximately a rulers length give or take a couple of inches below the pads of the feet and is apart of the etheric body.

I now have learned that this is a a critical point of healing when my clients come to see me, making sure this point is clear from any past life ptsd or present for that matter. Giving it a simple hello will begin the process in meditation.

This is important for those that are waking up and in a spiritual practice. Keeping the earth star chakra healthy and balanced will keep you grounded and stable securing the aura like an anchor to the physical world.

Emotions are the vehicle to our daily expressions, and have the potential to be un-grounding, along with being in an uncomfortable situation for long periods of time like a classroom on a computer driving distances can keep you from a strong connection with your earth star chakra. This is one reason nature is so important and why the guides and guardians are always suggesting to get out and be in nature more.

This is where we connect to Mother Earth through our energy system. Keeping in alignment with the magnetics on the planet and creating an awareness is key. This is important to keep your grounding cord clear and clean and updated daily. Allowing the body to be grounded to Mother Earths energy then in return mother earth can continue to provide all that you need and desire for the lines of communication will be connected and strong thus the relationship healthy and balanced. Whalaa now go check out your Earth Star Chakra and play with mother earth to manifest. Have fun and remember to be in amusement.

Love and Light this is Heather Renee @ New Age Talks

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