Past Life PTSD

We are now Light Workers with Mass Wisdom to reconcile all of the souls we once corrupted destroyed and crippled from the past. It is time this time that we reunite with source as one and live in harmony. The war ended and i like to say someone like you has "Past Life ptsd." I being a Master Healers Healer will help you deeply heal with divine guidance, to lift the trauma of battle from your soul, the war ended we have all played our roles and now we have been chosen and agreed to a new role in perfect timing. We are the ancient souls in this life reminded of our struggle as to be known and remembered by ourselves and to each other as the leaders and the strength amongst many, the lost, the heartbroken, even the darkest shadows, who better to reach the shadows then us???

You come from another Galaxy and are from the Stars I am your mirror i like to say the OPPOSAME.

Hahaha i finally met my opposame ....... seriously your the first mirror i have come across in this life that actually resonates with me and gets it at the deepest levels. I know as i have paved a small path way... your transformation can potentially come even quicker. If you choose. Being of the light is so much harder than being dark and it is not for the faint or the weak. Its easy to be sleazy yet to stand firm and have integrity honesty and loyalty in a world smothered in vital fantasy and quick pleasures of the eyes ears nose mouth and touch. Yet there is no satisfaction coming it is a non stop search for the next. Yet if your pause can be a moment longer each time to reconnect to the supreme light within your search will end and the light and love available to you will quantify and magnify and

True Love will be yours to have share and live in forever more.

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