This recording is a Gift to anyone who comes upon it. IT IS TIMELESS! This recording can create massive shifts within your chakras and light bodies reflecting out into your world the changes you seek.

Activate your Divine consciousness into 2021 AND BEYOND.

If you feel ungrounded and out of touch by the heaviness & uncertainty of your past, you have the opportunity now to experience our energetic clean out teaching a guided meditation & DNA activation workshop. 

This is an online interactive digital experience.

In this powerful webinar, Heather Renee the Spiritual Engineer will be guiding you through a meditation in order to heal the emotions, shock, blindspots, anxiety, guilt, shame, unconscious toxicity and fear In your life 

You can take this workshop and enjoy the teaching/guided meditation and energy activation in the comfort of your own home and as many times as you'd like.

This guided meditation is experiential.

Gain greater clarity, a higher frequency and tap into your Divine Soul signature to ACTIVATE your wellbeing.

Please have a journal and pen for this class and guided meditation, PH balanced / spring water, dress comfortably, and do understand that this guided meditation is experiential.

We are so excited that you have answered the call to heal and activate


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