Meditation 411 & Downloads 

As you begin to take responsibility for your life and live on purpose, your automatically donating your contribution to the collective. Especially by keeping a higher vibe, positive attitude and creating awareness within your world, your life, your breath, your smile. 

Begin to Love yourself like there is no other!!!

Donate to yourself ! 

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Thank you for showing up!!

As you show up, your vibe ripples through out and has an effect on everything else within our atmosphere, so use your power and the universal power that is your birthright, intend and be open to all the possibilities of greatness, awareness, knowledge, joy and beauty for everything that is showing up within your life is a direct reflection of your vibe. Show up and be a participant in the wheel of life and create your vibe and transform into the spiritual bad ass you know you are meant to be!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.