Choose The Program That Suits Your Needs Best

We've prepared a variety of choices just for you:


Acension Strategy Call

To get you started, On this call we will will outline goals and find a program that best fits you. 

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A Guide to Enhance your Supernatural Healing

A 64p instant digital download workbook  Initiating the healer within. Invoking your power to its true potential, With Integrity. An E Book that will connect you to your guides and the Universal Frequencies of the Divine

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Healing Habitat

Healing Habitat is for you if you are a seeker or healer on the path seeking to learn to unlock those gifts with divine spirit In Love and become and stay healthy, wealthy and balanced.

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This is a powerful guided audio meditation. We are not taught to slow down and consider our own thoughts, feelings, words and outcomes; these are not automatic attributes we inherently create from day to day. This audio healing is your first step in recalibrating yourself and taking back your power in your life and creating a life you love.

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ACTIVATE 2 hours guided teaching and healing. Just follow along. Removes blocks heavy energy and low vibes. Regain clarity and light within Activate your divine consciousness 2020 and beyond  

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Elite online course with weekly coaching. A Mind Blowing 12 week online journey of deep awareness, self care, mastering your mind, and learning to go from mind to reality. Finally learn about your spiritual gifts and trust your intuition.


Tarot Reading 

1 Hour Tarot Reading

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This is a 3 month powerful one to one  coaching agreement. You are absolutely ready, willing and able to commit your life to the next level spiritually, financially and in relationship to your life. You must have something that you are creating in the world to move towards.



Pack Of Two Breakthrough Energetic Sessions (2 Hrs Each) , these sessions will be 1 on 1 with Heather Renee via Zoom