We are connected

My name is Heather Renee.

I am a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

Facilitating and training spiritual awareness, spiritual communication, and important fundamental tools to navigate every day life.

I am a professional spiritual reader and healer. My clients gain deep clarity, resolution and learn to lean into their gifts with precision and practice.

I have assisted my personal clients and workshop groups evolve into massive awareness always for their highest and greatest good.

I am Disciplined in the healing arts using ancient practices and symbols, Reiki, the Violet Flame, Ascended Mastery, Divine Collective Consciousness, Christ Consciousness. I have cultivated a relationship with the higher dimensional celestial healing teams here to assist humanity rise in consciousness as well which are just behind the veil.

I am a Psychic Surgeon, Master Healer, in person or distance. Master Light Ray Facilitator. I receive guidance from the Ascended Masters first hand. I have been highly aware as far back as I can remember, being able to "tune into" emotions, thoughts and true motivations of those around me and within my environment. 

It is my passion, to this day, to share these insights with others, in joy, love and truth for the betterment of the individual or group which in turn heals all connected.

My style of teaching and healing is best described as compassionate yet straightforward, trackable and grounded using truth & humor. 


 I am willing to hold space for your personal evolution, or for groups, couples, property, etc. Nothing is to big for the Divine.

I love seeing the moment when someone does it for them self. My purpose is to empower, and ignite an awareness within your being so you are able to self care and become independent. I like to call it, Igniting the soul. I Love sharing this spiritual flame and seeing others catch on to what is already present and belongs to each individual, which is the power within. Everyone has it, taking a moment to pull the curtain back and allowing your self to recognize who you truly are AMAZING!


I Love every minute of our journey. I am an Advanced Spiritual Engineer, as far back as i can remember gifted and guided with spiritually energetic abilities, disciplined and practiced, I have deeply leaned into the light to become a master healers healer.

Gaining new knowledge  from the divine for the highest evolution divine good of all.

I am clairvoyant, medium, messenger and deliver divine healing guidance and wisdom,  along with energetic transfusions.

I am a human empowerment coach.

I am a life learner with an immense unstoppable drive to navigate the soul and create awareness, of the unseen, so we can all rise together as a soul group into our great potential of Light. I am here to guide & empower you I am here to bring awareness through your willingness.


As you and those around you awaken and become aware of your possibilities and potential, life will begin to respond and open up. Taking time to clean up your life and learning simple engaging tools that are effective in present time will be fun and prove to you that you are here to be an amazing expression of life. Just like a flower with good soil you will begin to blossom and thrive. 


Through careful navigation and simple everyday conscious techniques you will begin to retrain your brain and clear cleanse and release the past and bring your dreams into reality and begin living on purpose through your passions.